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      1. ABOUT US

        Founded in April 1991, Renda Group is headquartered in Randa Science and Technology Park, Shiyan Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters and more than 2,000 employees. Its subsidiaries include Shenzhen Baoan Renda Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd., Kaiping Renda Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Renda Pension Industry Group, Shenzhen Renda Property Management Co., Ltd., etc. The business projects mainly include sheet metal manufacturing, metal stamping manufacturing, high/low voltage distribution cabinet manufacturing and installation, power supply equipment installation, container product research and development and manufacturing, property, pension, health care, etc., and has become a large-scale comprehensive industrial group.

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        Hardware & Stamping

        Hardware stamping: ◇A full range of equipment imported from Japan to create first-class quality; ◇Undertake stamping processing of any metal materials; ◇Continuous mold processing is the mains...

        KYN28A-12 out in metal armor mounted switchgear

        1. Product overview KYN28A-12 metal armored withdrawn mid-mounted switchgear is a new development of VE vacuum switchgear technology widely absorbed by our factory and the advantages of similar pro...

        KYN48A-12 out in metal armor mounted switchgear

         1. Product overview     KYN48A-12 metal armored withdrawn mid-mounted switchgear is a new development developed by our factory to widely absorb the advantages of similar produ...

        Outdoor box-type substation

        1. Product overview DXB-12 outdoor box-type substation adopts assembly type for high and low voltage indoor electrical appliances. High-voltage indoor load switch - fuse combination electrical appl...

        GCK Low-voltage switch cabinet

        1. Product overview     GCK switchgear full name GCK indoor withdrawable low-voltage switchgear.   GCK switchgear is based on the standard design drawings of Tianjin Electric...

        GGD Low-voltage fixed switch

        1. Product overview   The full name of GGD switchgear is GGD indoor fixed low-voltage switchgear.   The design of GGD switchgear is a technological progress development project issued ...

        GCS Low-voltage switch cabinet

        1. Product overview   GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the device) is a low-voltage withdrawable switchgear designed and developed by the two joint design g...

        GCK2000 low voltage switchgear

        1. Product Overview   GCK2000 switchgear full name is GCK2000 luxury indoor withdrawable low-voltage switchgear.   GCK2000 switchgear is made by our company on the basis of strict nati...

        Huawei products (chassis, cabinets)

        Complies with ANSI/EIAR-310-D, DIN41491; PART1、IEC297-2、 DIN41494; DART7, GB/T3047-92 standard, compatible with 19" international standard, metric standard and EISI standard.

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